Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Bacon Popcorn

On the top we see bacon flavored popcorn. On the bottom is strawberry flavored popcorn. On the left is "blue steel". Almost. I need more pucker.
This is my guitar. Behind it is the amp. On the chair you can see the effects pedal. On the fridge is a bottle of Sake April's dad gave me.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

The News

A couple updates:
-This coming Sunday is April and my 3 year anniversary.
-I bought a new guitar (electric).
-Work is going fine but unfortunately I had to trade one of my classes for another. On the plus side... I now have 2 days off per week!
-I am looking for new tutoring gigs.
-I moved out some unused furniture and suddenly my room is spacious, but I am in need of a chair and some posters to cover the totally nude white walls.
-My finger-picking technique has vastly improved.
-I'm crazy hungry.
-Shows I've been watching: Supernatural, Castle, Dollhouse, Dexter... I recommend Castle to anyone who is a fan of the CSI type show. It's that, but better (and with Nathan Fillion).
-I've been listening to: Taproot, Dio, Cream, Symphony X... among others.
-I've been very busy decorating my room the past few weeks and have gotten surprisingly little accomplished, but all that will change soon.
-Buying construction paper couldn't be more of a nuisance.
-Socks are gradually disappearing. I don't know where they go! The laundry machine is like 30 feet from my room.
-I'm heading out early today because I have to eat before I plan the week with my CT.

Sometimes it just works better to do updates this way. Sorry for the lack of narrative style!