Monday, September 7, 2009

I Like the Fat Rabbits

In this post I will be linking some pictures of my American School and Treehouse students, as well as a few videos.

As for my exploits:
-Opened a bank account... at the wrong bank. Apparently I can only be wired money to a certain bank if Hess is the wirer.
-Got paid. Then forfeited most of that money to paying off my debts. Freeeeedom!
-Had some stressful weeks but I'm now working my full schedule and I'm safe from the 1 month rule (if you still suck after the training is through they can fire you within a month of you starting to work).
-I've been lazy, playing EVE Online (cousins, consider joining Tim and me there), reading books, and trying to make new friends while failing to meet up with old ones.
-I'm going to try to introduce my friends to American board games in the future, like Arkham Horror and Munchkin... If they like them I figure I could do a game night thing sometimes which would give me an excuse to see several people at once. I also want to learn Chinese Chess and Mahjhang (again).

Well that's about it. Hope you love my kids as much as I do.

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