Wednesday, September 2, 2009

For the love of the children

Today some cute things happened.

The first was when Irene in my Saturday class ( 8 years old) charged me upon seeing me and did a jumping hug in which she wrapped her arms and legs around me. "Teacher Peter!" she shouted excitedly as she saw me. It was very sweet, and the Taiwanese teachers had a good laugh at it and were quite surprised.

A boy in my American School, Max, drew a picture for me. It's a picture of me, so far as I can tell, and it says "I love you Peter" and some gibberish on there.

The third cute thing that happened today was our naughtiest little girl, Irene (different Irene) in American School had her mom show up at work today concerned about Irene's progress since she knew Irene had a habit of running around and standing on desks in the middle of class... frequently. I understood her concerns but assured her that her daughter was quite bright, and I had a full five minute conversation with Irene, too small and young to be shy, in front of her mom. It was adorable. She is a sweet little girl, and always smiling, but sometimes it seems as though as she's a little imp come to create mischief with every single action. Nothing she does isn't both simultaneously cute and ridiculously naughty. I can't even tell you how many times a day we have to say "OK Irene please get off the desk and sit in your chair." or "Irene, where are you going?"

I'll post some photos of some pictures my kids drew soon. I think I can take some pictures of my students as well too.

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