Friday, October 2, 2009

Bizarre Dream I had last night!

Last night I had a curious dream.

You see, recently I watched Terminator Salvation again (on bootleg). I also just added two girls to my American School class. There's a little backstory.

So, onto the dream. I was teaching my American school class, and we had several new students. The new students (in the dream only) were a couple grown men with apparently no background in English. This would never happen in real life of course, but whatever, it's a dream. I'm teaching the class and a young woman also joins the class partway through.

It's at about this point I notice I'm teaching in a very white, modern looking department store which is empty except for us. This doesn't upset me because my in-dream self didn't notice, so it mustn't have been important. Then, inexplicably, I'm Christian Bale. No idea why. Didn't notice in the dream, but I'm suddenly and irreversibly Christian Bale, teaching a group of children and adults ESL.

The class starts to get a little crazy. Even the adults are running around like children, dancing on the desks, and also attempting to steal produce from the department store. It's at about this point I wake up, bewildered.

The dream escaped me for a while until I got to work and ACTUALLY thought to myself "Oh that's right I have those new students". I quickly did a mental double-take and realized the whole thing, Christian Bale-ness included, was just a dream.

The end!

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  1. Haha, apparently ESL teachers are trained to write on a whiteboard while keeping their eyes on the class. I guess that explain why.