Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Sometimes I wonder if this sort of thing is intentional.
This is Irene (left) and her friend. Not the evil Irene.
Linda, Lisa, and Ingrid.
That's my Lisa raising her hand for no apparent reason...
Jasmine, Smile, and Morris. Jasmine looks so cute in her witch costume.
Hsuan in her vampire costume.
Daniel, a handsome young man.
Cute little Kitty. She only agrees to be photographed if she can do this pose.
Tiffany! She's so smart!
One and Kitty discussing politics on our trick or treat stroll.
The one with Tiger ears is Angel. She is such a sweetheart!
Crazy Kitty again. In the background you can see Irene, the devil's daughter. She delights in the suffering of others and literally grins ear to ear no matter how she is punished. She even laughs adorably and points whenever another student is crying. She cackles happily whenever she sees a teacher begin to weaken under her evil clutches. She is unbridled chaos made flesh; the incarnation of sheer madness. And she was a fairy princess this year, complete with little wings! Cute.
Smile and Eddie (Eddie is in the back)
My fellow American, Patrick.
This is one of the CTs at our school.
Eddie again.
This is a Canadian teacher, Rihanon.

So there was a big Halloween celebration this weekend, as you can tell. It's been busy. Anyway, I'm too exhausted to include any more info for now, so this will have to do.

Also, if you don't know the rock band Dio, familiarize yourself with their/his (Dio is also the lead singer's name) music. Awesome.

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  1. where is professor Peter?!
    I cant see you on those pic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!