Friday, June 26, 2009

The Hospital

This is a delicious rice ball with meat and vegetable filling.

This is minute maid orange juice in Taiwan. Really what it is is tang with pulp. I kid you not. They put tang in there, and then had the audacity to make it less delicious by including pulp as well.

Today I went to the hospital for my health check up. I'm too lazy now to go into all the details. It wasn't exciting and I don't feel particularly motivated to share the experience with anyone for that reason. It was a short process framed by a rather long trip there and back.

I then got home with a sort of sore throat and decided to take a nap after getting some food. I got up, played some video games, and had to cancel plans with friends due to the storm which turned out to be rather brief. Not a very amazing day.

Hopefully April will stop by later but I doubt it, she seemed like she was going to be pretty busy. Anyway, above are some pictures taken in the last few days.

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