Sunday, June 21, 2009

Starbucks and a phone conversation with my school

Well things are finally taking off today in terms of work. I think tomorrow I will go to Yang-Ming hospital for my health check which is required for me to get my visa.

For the rest of today, I am going to Starbucks with April to do some studying and relaxing. We just wanted to get out of our rooms for a while but still keep it cheap and quiet.

--Hours Later--
Well April just went home for the night and I'm left here by my lonesome. It was a pretty good day. We went to Starbucks, which was fun. The second story has lots of couches and nice chairs and coffee tables, so it was a nice spot to wind down and relax.

Afterward we went out to Subway where I got a veggie sub and she got a tuna sub. When we finished we explored the neighborhood a bit more to give me an idea of where the best restaurants are. Turns out Mos Burger is very close to me too, which is amazingly fantastic. For those of you who don't know, Mos Burger is a Japanese fast food burger joint which is nothing short of crazy delicious.

After walking around, grabbing some bao zi (a fried bun of some sort with meat or veggies inside. I got one of each kind) we rented a couple movies. one, which April chose, looks ridiculously lame and the other is called Pride and Glory. Unfortunately I need to get some speakers for this TV to make the DVD player audible so we weren't able to get far in the movie. April went home just a bit ago to exercise and shower.

So now it's just me in my room watching some movie about the Zodiac killer on HBO and glancing back occasionally to my chinese texts and making lists of things I need to do tomorrow and the rest of this week.

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