Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Just checking in

Just wanted to show off the graphics running on my little Eee! Not bad for a netbook!

Been a few days since I posted...
Since my last post...

April cooked some amazing curry noodles for me. Thanks Ape! In a couple days we're going to go see Harry Potter.

I installed Hellgate: London on this computer... Ran shockingly well. This is an Eee PC 1000HE yet it played Hellgate very smoothly with a high framerate. I'm boggled by how this is possible. Is there anything the Eee can't do?

Today I had another demo lesson. It was a subject lesson... Science. It went well. My proposed class experiments (Attempting to color bubbles, which won't work, and growing white flowers with food coloring mixed in their water) were appreciated.
More on work: I should have my license and be teaching in 1-2 weeks!

Had some Pizza Hut the other day. It was delicious. It'd been too long since I had a pizza.

I'm still doing OK with money but before long there'll be another month's rent to pay...

My thoughts were with the Towns side of the family at the loss of our dear Grandma Schmidt. I was sorry I couldn't be there for the funeral, but I'm glad the service was nice.

That's about it for now. It's almost midnight here so I'll probably be hitting the hay before long. Until next time! Bwahahahahaa!

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