Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Cleaning up my room and meeting up with friends

Hello there! Bwahahaha!

Today I did a lot of cleaning. I also received my first bill for paying rent, which I will pay tomorrow. I didn't do much else today, except meet with a couple friends for a couple hours.

These two lovely ladies are one of the most entertaining couples I know. I was good friends with one of them the first time I went to Taiwan early on because she was an assistant in my Chinese class. We also ended up in a class together the next semester, and Kelly helped me out a lot because the class was entirely in Chinese. I met her ladyfriend much later on but we all forged a good friendship.

We met at Starbucks today and just talked and caught up. I gave them a quick tour of the neighborhood, showed them my room, and then Erica had to go to a job interview. They are probably still on their way there. I hope she gets the job. She's also applying at that same Starbucks that we just met at. Apparently she's applying at a lot of Starbucks.

After the tour, the girls are actually considering moving into this community because it is so convenient a place to live and close to a lot of their favorite places, as well as where their new jobs may be. I'll be curious to see what happens with that.

I guess the rest of my night will consist of messing around with homebrew stuff on my Wii... I just checked out this AMAZING game called Super Mario War which has a homebrew port to the Wii, and it's definitely going to entertain Apey Ape.

Unfortunately Apple couldn't hang with me tonight because she is on vacation with her family in Green Island. I would've gone, and they would've invited me, except that I begin training tomorrow while they're still gone.

That's a very quick update, take care everyone!

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