Saturday, July 4, 2009

World Games 2009

Kaoshiung, Taiwan (the second largest city in TW) has finished construction of its massive new stadium, the World Games Stadium, which will hold the 2009 World Games. This is the first olympic-related event Taiwan has ever hosted since its inclusion as Chinese Taipei in the 1984 Summer Olympics.

What is especially remarkable is that it is the first stadium in the world to be 100% solar-powered. That's right. Powering the lights and the big screens at the stadium took only 6 minutes of charging, given the stadium 14,000+ square feet of solar panels.

Taiwan also used to have the world's largest building, Taipei 101, and still technically does as Dubai's project hasn't been 100% completed as of yet.

I'm including some pictures of Taipei 101 and the World Games Stadium so you can see what I'm talking about it. I guess the stadium will be used for Rugby and Soccer once the games are done, so don't worry, it isn't a huge waste of money.

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